CS 294: Fairness in Machine Learning

Day 2: Barocas and Selbst

Instructor: Moritz Hardt

August 28, 2017



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  • Not relevant for grade.
  • But hoping for lively discussions.


Work through Barocas and Selbst, Big Data's Disparate Impact (2014)

Lead discussion by Renata Barreto, Nitin Kohli, Maura Liévano.


Next class (Friday 9/1/17)

Semantics derived automatically from language corpora contain human-like biases
Aylin Caliskan, Joanna J. Bryson, Arvind Narayanan

Sex Bias in Graduate Admissions: Data from Berkeley
P. J. Bickel, E. A. Hammel, J. W. O’Connell. 1975.

Bias in computer systems
Batya Friedman, Helen Nissenbaum. 1996

Next class (Friday 9/1/17)


O'Neill, Weapons of Math Destruction.

Pasquale, The Black Box Society

Gitelman and Jackson, Raw Data is an Oxymoron [Introduction]